Choose Your First Cat Breed



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Once you decide on adopting or buying a pet, you might get overwhelmed with all the concerns and questions that will roam your mind. In this article, we will discuss the most essential points that you should consider while choosing your first pet cat, and how to handle this new creature in your house.
When one decides to get a new cat pet, they might have several ideas in mind and multiple breeds to choose from. But in fact, you can’t just simply choose a cat breed that appeals to you and decide to bring it home. Firstly, you should be aware of a cat’s general behavior, activity, and needs, to achieve a healthy environment for it. Secondly, you would want to consider each breed’s specific characteristics, which you believe that you can deal with and tolerate. Only then, you will be able to choose the proper first cat that you can bring into your home. And weirdly enough, it has been proven that pet owners generally end up choosing pet breeds similar to their personalities!

Things you should know before getting a cat

The moment you decide that you want to adopt a cat, you might want to know what’s ahead of you. Firstly, you have to be understanding of the fact that your new cat might cause a mess. This is because you will be placing them in a new environment which they haven’t encountered before, meaning that it might take some time for you to display your rules. This brings us to the second point, and that it will be harder for you to implement your regulations with an adult cat. This is because adult cats have already gained a certain behavior that will be hard to eliminate later on. Meaning that if this adult cat has certain bad habits, you won’t be able to prevent the unfavorable behavior easily.

For this reason, you might want your first cat to be a kitten so you can teach it whatever works for you and your household. Additionally, a kitten will be more fun, playful and energetic which will make your house feel alive. If you have any concerns about the hygiene of your house, you don’t have to worry much as cats are naturally clean. And if you are worried that this new kitten will not urinate or defecate in the right place, you should know that cats are born with the instinct of urinating in soil. Therefore, having a clean litter box with an adequate size will be more than enough to keep your house free from feces.

Another thing that you should take into consideration is the gender of your cat. Both males and females have some annoying behavioral activities that occur with puberty. For example, once the male has approached the age of sexual maturity, they will start to mark their territory by spraying urine in certain areas and urine. Your house will be the cat’s territory which they will claim by leaving marks with a really strong odor. On the other hand, female cats will go through heat periods every 2-3 weeks during spring and summer. Meaning that they will have a strong urge for mating which is characterized by a slight aggressive behavior and vocalization.

What you should look for in your first cat

In general, when one wants to get their first cat, they tend to prefer calm, cuddly, and peaceful cat breeds. This is because they are easier to deal with and handle, and they won’t cause much of a mess. But this depends on each individual’s preference and liking, where you might prefer to have a jumpy and energetic cat rather than a lazy one.

If you are looking for a pet that will make your house more vibrant and alive, you might want to choose an active cat. Such cats will fill your time and kill the boredom around the house, as they will always demand playing time. Moreover, you would want to choose a smart cat breed as they are the best at creating funny and dramatic scenes around the house. They will also be able to understand and react to certain expressions and emotions which makes them compassionate. This means that they can understand how you’re feeling from your tone, and they will try to comfort you if they find out that you are upset. This makes smart cats the best companions and family members.

Additionally, when you want to choose your first cat breed, look for the grooming and care requirements of this breed. If you feel like you won’t be able to tolerate cats that shed continuously, do not go with long-haired breeds. Even though they may seem like the cutest creatures, they will not be suitable for owners that can’t endure the dispersed hair. Additionally, consider the nutritive requirements of certain cat breeds, and ensure that you will be able to fulfill the nourishment needs of this cat.

5 great first cat breeds

Maine Coon

Maine Coon is one of the most popular domesticated cat breeds, and also one of the largest. They are also known as gentle giants because they are extremely friendly and sociable. They are great hunters and are therefore the perfect solution for indoor insects and rodents. Additionally, they are easy to train and will follow up with orders rapidly. These traits along with a long flattering hair coat make them one of the best family cats that you can have. The only disadvantage of having a Maine Coon is having to deal with their hair shedding and grooming necessities.


Just like their appearance, Siamese cats are unique and distinctive cat breeds with outstanding personalities. They like to have a strong bond with their owners and are often loyal and protective towards them. They enjoy a good playtime and will make the funniest expressions you can imagine. They need to have both their physical and mental abilities at activity otherwise will get too needy and dramatic. They are easy to groom and won’t shed tremendously around your house.

Scottish Fold

Known as the Scottish Fold due to their folded little ears, these cats are one of the easiest cat breeds to handle. Apart from their easy-going, friendly, and kind behavior, they also tend to adapt to new people and environments easily. For this reason, it doesn’t matter where you live or how many family members your family has, these cats will find a way to adjust. They are attention and affection cravers and they like to be spoiled by their owners. Their favorite activity is to snuggle on the couch beside their family members, and thus are perfect for lazy owners.


These cats are known to be active energy balls! They love to play and fool around but also require a plenty amount of affection. These cats are always entertaining and are therefore great for owners that want to liven up their home atmosphere. Somali cats are easily entertained with toys and with interactions with other cat breeds. They do not vocalize frequently and are therefore good apartment cats that won’t cause disturbance to neighbors.


Lastly, we introduce the extroverted social butterflies who like to be around people at all times. They are a great choice for people that have cat allergies, as they have no hair coat, and do not have any grooming or brushing necessities. Count on them to be the most cuddly and affectionate towards their owners!

Health concerns of some cat breeds

Certain cat breeds suffer from genetically transmitted diseases that have been persistent for several generations. Such genetic diseases can sometimes cause too much trouble and emotional trauma for the cat’s family, therefore you can try to avoid adopting certain breeds. Persian cats, for example, may suffer from breathing problems due to their flat-shaped face which narrows some of their breathing airways. They often also suffer from cystitis and urinary calculi which can seem problematic for some owners.

Additionally, there are the Bengal cat breeds which are known to have heart problems and eye diseases. They also tend to develop arthritis and other joint issues. Ragdolls cats most commonly develop bladder stones easily which are often hard to treat and take a while to be removed.


After all, cats are phenomenal and outstanding creatures that lighten up the mood in the house. They are mostly easy to deal with and provide endless love and affection for their family members regardless of their breed. Choose the cat breed that feels the most compatible with your personality and your free time, and make sure you are able to tolerate their grooming and activity needs. If you are considering getting a cat, check out your local shelters and help get a cat off the street by adoption. You can check the Little Furr for cats that are available for adoption, and you can take a look at their various pet products.